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Monthly Archives: June 2014

“Branding your New Digs”

When does an office become more than just an office? Why not use your space to articulate and legitimize who you are and what you do. Earl & Brown approached CMG looking for a way to leverage their remodel of their new corporate campus into another tool that sells the story. The CMG group had […]

“Walking the Digital Tightrope”

When does a friendly marketing reminder become stalking? We have all experienced the websites that don’t let you leave, the ad that creepily appears on every page you visit, or a pop-up chat window wanting to know what it’s going to take to complete the sale. Why do marketers do things digitally that they would […]

“Dreaming of What Could Be”

Finding unique and creative solutions for a client’s marketing challenges. Here’s a quote I love, “Help others achieve their goals and, in turn, you will achieve yours.” That quote is from one of my heroes, Bill Walker, or as I called him, DAD! Today, I want to share a time when creative thinking, along with […]

“Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Picture”

Three tips for making sure you come out with a top-notch video. Tip #1 Identify and Manage Your Expectations  If you are planning a video for whatever purpose, corporate, youtube channel, tv commercial or promotional, the principle is the same as for purchasing anything from a car to a cellphone, you usually get what you […]