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“Branding your New Digs”

When does an office become more than just an office? Why not use your space to articulate and legitimize who you are and what you do. Earl & Brown approached CMG looking for a way to leverage their remodel of their new corporate campus into another tool that sells the story. The CMG group had already branded their three divisions and redid their website, now the new building had to match the new energy. Susan researched the office space of current E & B retailers and manufacturers, digital leaders, identifying cutting edge design trends that would complement and articulate where the 87 year old Earl & Brown company stands today. From reclaimed wood to bright colors, we designed a space that complemented E & B’s new branding, but also allowed for continued growth and constant change that is a hallmark of E & B.

Division colors on walls to support branding strategy

Colors on walls support new branding strategy

Branded paint colors saturate different areas of the company identifying the function or market that those employees serve. For example, the Consumer Division’s green color wraps the upstairs offices in a contemporary upbeat light. The corporate blue flanks key walls in the CEO’s office, along with reclaimed wood to create a cozy congenial think tank for employees and customers.The bright red Business Solutions branded color flanks doorways and key walls inside offices to demonstrate their commitment and partnership with Motorola.


Lego signage

Flexible custom designed Lego name signs

Office Signage
Ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the country, comes with a price. Constant changing of offices as associates are promoted and added, E & B needed a signage system that was flexible and grew with the company. Scanning the existing offices, I saw a Star Wars Lego model – that’s it! I will use Legos to create signs that are flexible, fun, reveal the personality of the associate and give E & B the opportunity to move staff around or change titles overnight. Creativity took hold and after moving in, associates frequently add mini figurines onto each other’s office sign to reveal the personality of the occupant and build friendships. The new employee signs are put up instantly with E.T.A., so everyone knows the new employees name before they walk in the door. The Legos also became a metaphor for how E & B is building the business one brick at a time and became a decorative accessory that helped tell their story.



Ahh, the almighty Quiet Room at Earl & Brown.

Quiet Room
Visits to the old E & B, revealed that sometimes employees were taking naps in their car or trying to find some quiet to cure a headache. Tough in the winter months and with new moms in the office, it became clear the new building needed to feature a Quiet Room tucked away to give team members time to take a power nap and get back in the groove of the day. Featuring a recliner, peaceful colors, and pictures, the room has provided a necessary respite and reboot during a long day.

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Susan Taylor
Published 11:20 am, Thursday, June 12, 2014


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