“Walking the Digital Tightrope”

When does a friendly marketing reminder become stalking?

We have all experienced the websites that don’t let you leave, the ad that creepily appears on every page you visit, or a pop-up chat window wanting to know what it’s going to take to complete the sale.

Why do marketers do things digitally that they would never do in-person?

Imagine, if we used the same techniques in-person that some digital ad companies do over the internet, what it would it look like in-person?

THE STORY It’s Friday afternoon, you have slipped out of the office early to check out a new tablet. Again your daughter has spilled Starbuck’s on your iPad.

Pulling into the nearby omnipresent big box electronics store. You are greeted by Rob, the Tablet Specialist, who expertly analyzes your needs and recommends a new tablet in stock.

Your iPhone vibrate and it’s the wife. She is reminding you that your daughter has to be at soccer practice in an hour. You thank young Rob, and let him know that you will be back to make a final tablet choice next week.

As you attempt to quickly head to your car, what if Rob turns into…

NEEDY ROB When you try to leave, Rob throws himself against the door, so you have to find another exit, while he begs you to stay, buy something…anything…“Here’s a coupon…please don’t leave!”

STALKER ROB As you back out of your parking space, you see Rob get in his car and follow you home. He stands on the porch, and knocks on your front door every time you walk through the living room, to see if you are ready to buy yet…

ANNOYING ROB Every time you drive by the store, rain or shine, Rob runs out into the street and taps on your window with a smile, to remind you that he still has the tablet in stock.

You would never do this in-person, why is this done online? Used appropriately, digital marketing techniques can build your company’s brand awareness and increase sales. But if digital marketing tools aren’t used judiciously, overnight, you can wipe out years of brand integrity and customer loyalty. Call the CONNECT MARKETING GROUP today for a free consultation on how to develop a cost effective plan using traditional, digital and social marketing tools to build your business.

- Susan Taylor,  Published 12:13 pm, Sunday, June 1, 2014


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