“Do Not Attempt to Adjust Your Picture”

Three tips for making sure you come out with a top-notch video.

Tip #1
Identify and Manage Your Expectations 

If you are planning a video for whatever purpose, corporate, youtube channel, tv commercial or promotional, the principle is the same as for purchasing anything from a car to a cellphone, you usually get what you pay for. Does that mean you can’t end up with what you need unless you spend a great deal of money? Absolutely not. Many times the budget for your video project will be driven by the end-use. Here is my advice, shop around and get at least three bids for the project. Also ask the video producer to complete a specific task, such as “E-mail me references by three tomorrow afternoon.” The ability to follow directions and meet commitments is paramount to a good working relationship.

Tip #2
Ask For References and Examples of Recent Work

Hiring a video production company is no different than hiring a good employee. Ask for the most recent examples, and ideally with the same end-use you are planning for your video. Also, ask the company for contact information of clients they have worked with. Ask them if there is a specific industry they usually serve. Unfortunately, there is no Angie’s List for video companies, so you will have to do the footwork on this one.

Tip #3
Tell a Story

This is an important point. So many people miss this very simple fact. No matter the end-use of your video, tell a story. People love a story and too many videos, especially for corporate use that live on websites or as part of a presentation, are boring because they are just mind numbing loads of text and generic pictures on the screen. Take time thinking about the beginning, the middle, and the end. Weave a creative story. The end does not have to have finality; many great movie endings tease you and make you want to see the find out more.

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Pat Walker, 
Published 1:13 pm, Sunday, June 1, 2014

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